But at this time, cangshui changed his words and said, "well... I want to know now, how do you win?" Countless huge and sharp breath of Yin Gu Luo erupted on the other side of the whirlpool! The fear skill of nightmare is very predictable. This kind of second solution is not too difficult. Luo Xinhai, after all, came with him, and Li Ji was beaten hard. The commander-in-chief stood up and walked quickly to his telegraph room! "Yes, uncle Yue, you look terrible with a black face!" Other people can't break your defense, you can't do other people, but also wasted real yuan Ye CHENFENG wants to leave here as soon as possible. After all, yunmuling is still in the small worl "The Tianluo array in Vientiane is really not simple. It can be arranged like this. It seems that ti Now I want to come, just now he did that, it was really too aggressive. If he moved, even if he died Buck scratched his head even more, and Lin Yuanzheng immediately sent him on the road: "Alas... If L After hearing mu tianbai's words, Zhou Ping's heart is also a burst of anger, and now also g When the hunters return, they condense the nutrients they get into small spheres and spit them out. Fortunately, they were not attacked immediately after being inhaled into the black hole, nor did the Besides, it seems that it's not a bad thing that everyone's errand is promoted to a higher l There is no good way for Lin to stop it from doing so, so she continues to observe... At the same ti Those staff officers are all low head, no one dares to answer, there is no way, the road is blocked, "But it looks handsome," I said, "and it's got a cape..."

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