Standing beside Li Nan, ye CHENFENG and others clearly heard Li Nan's murmur. Ye CHENFENG asked, Zhang Ye, who can buy me ten grams of money Shi Lei pointed out the clear object of the event. His soul body, as if by the endless destruction of thunder and lightning, a burst of bone marrow pai Jiangshan quietly withdrew his sight: "what a fierce beast." "Since the Zhao family's father and son are rebellious, should we do justice to destroy the fami A huge fist has been condensed in the wind and thunder, sending out bursts of terror and incomparabl On the left and right sides of the living room, there are four armchairs respectively. She looked at her hands, or this pair of egg pain with the powerless look of a child. But there's something that is not clear. Isn't this incident caused by purchasing eunuchs fr According to Bai Ou's idea, Shi Bing will not hand over Bailie easily. Ghost ancestor suddenly found what, pointing to the bottom of the mouth said. This opportunity, once missed, may regret for life. From the purgatory of Yanfu to the evil butcher and then to the soul chain of Jiuyou lock, one is st It is said that fanwujie has been designated as the inheritor of the leader of Hunyuan sect! However, since he has agreed to help Mingxiang, Lu black and white will naturally try his best. It's the power of death, and the breath of terror comes out like a tide. Affected by the slightest bit, the pain caused by the huge consumption of source energy has changed

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